STL display network

Multimedia solution No. 1


  • Adopt DA32UD or DA32UQ decoder to realize digital audio decoding function.

  • One group of fiber digital input, two groups of coaxial digital input, and one group of analog input. Adding power amplifier, transformer, case etc can compose various audio products such as active sound box and bass blaster etc.

  • All functions and operation have power-fail recovery system.

  • Built-in analog input mute circuit, 6-channel 2-order low pass filter, volume control, and input mute circuit.

  • Built-in Dolby digital AC-3, HDCD, MP3 decoding system etc. and support DOLBY PRO-LOGIC and PRO-LOGIC Ⅱ surround channel decoding etc. also support replaying mode. There is no need to change hardware for upgrade, and support all digital compression code rate such as MPEG Ⅱ so as to suit different markets.

  • Automatically search input signal, volume quick reset function, and remote control function.

  • 5.1 channel output, 63dB electronic volume control. For each channel, +/-20dB can be adjusted.

  • Many kinds of listening modes and 8 kinds of DSP sound effects.

  • Two pieces of 7-segments LED modules and several LED status indicator lights. Multimedia No.1 has six buttons (mute, information input, mode, volume +/-, and noise test).

  • Can select single CPU or dual CPU communication mode.

  • Dual CPU communication mode adopts the universal AT 89C 51 series singlechip, user can use own singlechip to directly debug whole machine program.


  Whole machine control, audio par
  • Finish home audio all functions, adding power amplifier can finish whole machine.

  • Adopt 2 seven segments LED display and t LED indicator lights.

  • Solution is mature, function is complete, circuitry is simple, and cost is low.

  • All functions and operation have power-fail recovery memory.

  • Automatically eliminate noise. Automatically turn down volume when no sound so as to get better signal to noise.

  • Stainless steel case avoids disturbance to the sound and other components and provides an excellent EMT function.

  • Metal case is installed directly on the board, and can compose the product of integration with audio board, doing like this improves the connection of the traditional decoder, and enhances the reliability of product.


  DTS/Dolby digital AC-3 audio decoder (DA32UD/DA32UQ)
DTS/Dolby digital AC-3 audio decoder (DA32UD)
DTS/Dolby digital AC-3 audio decoder (DA32UQ)
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