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USB Interface MP3/WAV recording/playing solution

  • Model: OTG15H

  • Outline dimension: 90mm × 70mm

  • Location dimension: 80mm × 60mm
  • OTG15H is MP3/WAV recording/playing board supporting USB interface, can play and record many kinds of audio files. All components support the temperature of professional level (-40 ℃ to 80 ℃ ), it is suitable to be used to record and play music in any places. It can be used as the updated product of DR53E.


  • On-board USB interface, support U disk, USB mobile harddisk, it is possible to connect USB card reader and internal read card chip at the same time.
  • Support FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32 universal file formats of DOS or WINDOWS operating systems, completely compatible with computer.
  • Support the multimedia files of MP3, WMA, and WAV all levels and all code flow rate. The highest code stream is 1.44Mbps.
  • It is acceptable to record MP3 with different code stream or lossless compression mode, and use standard MP3 or MAV file format. At present, capacity-price ratio is very good, non-loss recording is better for recording effect.
  • Use standard I 2 C communication interface, it is okay for users to connect other I 2 C chips in parallel without adding hardware interface extra.
  • Support temperature detection.
  • Built-in T9 strokes and Pinyin input methods, and user mainframe can use simple commands to modify the recorded filename easily.
  • Built-in output eliminating noise control circuit, switching is more quiet, sound effect is more excellent, and it is more suitable for the advanced professional application.
  • With LED display used to indicate playing states.
  • Adopt single +5V power supply; inside generate +/-5V used to supply power for operational amplifier, which can get more wide dynamic range.
  • Power supply, audio input and output, and communication interface are the same with DR53E's, OTG 15H can replace DR53E as updated product.


   Application field
  • It is easy for Home audio system to be upgraded to the system supporting computer music, which can improve the grade of product.
  • The places that need to take long time to record music or speech signal.
  • The places that need to play music because of bad environment.
  • Other places playing and recording music.


   Technology parameter


current ( +5V ) (do not include CF card)
Output level 1KHz@0dB
frequency response 20Hz ~ 20KHz
Signal-to-noise @0dB(CCIR)
Working temperature
-40 ℃
80 ℃


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CF卡录音DTSAC-3AC3OTGUSBU盘MP3播放多声道解码板数码音频解码板多媒体方案录音方案USB OTG音频解码方案LED驱动板LED控制卡LED条屏LED系统控制卡双基色LED显示条屏叫号屏U盘播放器U盘换内容的LED显示屏。
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