STL display network
Double USB interface MP3/WMA/WAV/MIDI decoder

  • Model: OTG15A

  • Outline dimension: 90mm × 70mm

  • Location dimension: 80mm × 60mm


  • OTG15A is completely compatible with OTG12A; both can be replaced each other.
  • Support MP3, WMA, MIDI, and WAV lossless compression file; the highest code stream is up to1.44Mbps.
  • Adopt XILINX XC3S100E large-scale 100,000 FPGA field programming logic chip as main chip; use STL311 double USB logic IP and the DOS disk operating system of HSAV. This kind of DOS has been used for many years, and it is compatible with all USB interface memories, moreover, the performance is preeminent, stable, and reliable.
  • User mainframe applies hardware three-line CTB bus; the speed of communication is 10 times of OTG12A.
  • Support many kinds of character libraries such as 12×12 or 16×16 simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese; in order to reduce cost, it is acceptable that users don't choose supporting character library.
  • Support various internal code filename such as ID3, GB international standard internal code, BIG5 internal code, and UNICODE standard internal code; user can get all information of playing file.
  • Double USB interface; support U disk, USB mobile disk, and connect USB card reader or internal read card chip at the same time; via card reader can support all mobile flash memory cards such as CF, SMC, MMC, SD, XD, MS memory bar.
  • Adopt FLASH memory; using AR5 upgrade device can directly upgrade program; it is possible to customize different functions and interfaces, and cooperating with user mainframe is better; user can upgrade program by yourself.
  • Plus and minus power supply and +5V power supply, can directly use the power supply of power amplifier grade to supply power for operational amplifier; analog power supply and digital power supply are separate, which makes signal-to-noise ratio much better and noise level lower.
  • Full SMC mount technology; using Ta capacitance can make mechanical property much better, and reduce voice distortion.
  • Dual CPU communication mode: apply the three-line CTB bus of HSAV, the control is very simple, and it is very fast to exchange data with user mainframe; user mainframe can send Chinese internal code to get corresponding character library display contents, it is very convenient like looking up the dictionary; the format of character library response can be made to order according to user's needs, which is more easy to connect all dot matrix Chinese display screens.
  • Single CPU solution: reserve many bi-directional expansion input and output ports, can realize all functions of home audio; it is acceptable that user doesn't need to expand MCU, and can add electronic tune, radio, and RDS system etc.; stable and reliable home audio control technology can customize home audio complete machine for user rapidly.


   Application field
  • Home audio system can easily be upgraded to the system supporting computer music; the quality of products is improved to a higher grade.
  • The places requiring long time to play music, speech signals etc.
  • Common broadcast system, background music playing system etc.
  • The places that have to play background music because of bad environment.
  • Other places playing music.


   Technology parameter


Digital service voltage (V)
Digital working current ( mA )
Analog service voltage
+5V / -5V
+9V / -9V
+18V / -18V
Analog working current
Output level1KHz@-20dB
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz
Signal-to-noise ratio @0dB(CCIR)
Total harmonic distortion 1KHz@-20dB


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CF卡录音DTSAC-3AC3OTGUSBU盘MP3播放多声道解码板数码音频解码板多媒体方案录音方案USB OTG音频解码方案LED驱动板LED控制卡LED条屏LED系统控制卡双基色LED显示条屏叫号屏U盘播放器U盘换内容的LED显示屏。
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