STL display network
USB OTG MP3/WMA decoder

  • Model: OTG13S

  • Outline dimension: 47mm × 24mm


  • Support U disk, USB mobile hard disk, and USB card reader; via card reader can support all mobile flash memory cards such as CF, SMC, MMC, SD, XD, MS memory bar.
  • Support MP3 file and WMA file. MP3 file supports all layers and all code streams, WMA file supports all versions starting from V1.
  • Support FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32 universal file formats of DOS or WINDOWS operating systems, completely compatible with computer.
  • Apply the second generation DOS operating system with independent intellectual property right, running speed is more fast, support five layers directory, and each layer directory can support 255 files at most, can open six thousand files at the same time.
  • Power-fail memory function. Start playing from original song when insert U disk once again, and can memorize 32 to 64 kinds of states of U disk. All memories may be saved 100 years.
  • Adopt FLASH as program memory, can use U disk etc. to upgrade program, accord with the characteristic that IT products are changing with each passing day.
  • All soft wares from bottom layer are developed by HSAV, completely support all U disk products, and can add more drive programs at any time, 100% support current and future products.
  • The consumption of electric current is very low, the consumption of electric current not including U disk is lower than 80mA when playing 320Kbps code rate, and the consumption of electric current not including U disk is lower than 45mA when pause. It is suitable for the places that use battery.
  • Built-in 96 KHz/24bit DAC analog-digital conversion chip, and the sound effect is very good.
  • Stainless steel package prevents from disturbing sound and other components and provides excellent EMT function.
  • Dual CPU communication mode: apply the three-line CTB bus of HSAV, the control is very simple, and it is very fast to exchange data with user mainframe; user mainframe can send Chinese internal code to get corresponding character library display contents, it is very convenient like looking up the dictionary; the format of character library response can be made to order according to user's needs, which is more easy to connect all dot matrix Chinese display screens.
  • Standard mode includes six buttons and one LED display.
  • Reserve 9 bi-directional Expansion input/output ports, and single module is capable of finishing multimedia audio complete machine's functions.
  • Can use dual CPU communication solution to expand other functions.


   Application field
  • IT products and multimedia audio system.
  • Home audio system may be upgraded easily to the system supporting computer music, which can improve the grade of product.
  • Audio products in-cars, completely substitute for these audio products applying magnetic tape and CD.
  • Powerful vibration proof ability, apply to these places that because of environment is very bad, must to play background music.
  • The places requiring long time to play music, speech voice signals etc, for example, common broadcast system.
  • Another places playing music.


   Technology parameter
  • Service voltage: +5V
  • Output level1KHz@0dB: 2V
  • Service current (pause): 40mA
  • Service current (play): 70mA
  • Service current including U disk: 210mA
  • Service current including USB harddisk: 580mA
  • Signal-to-Noise @0dB (CCIR): 95dB


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