STL display network
IP71B Ethernet to MCU interface converter

  • Model: IP71B

  • Outline dimension: 22mm × 15mm

  • Using Ethernet network to carry out long distance control is the development direction of various fields such as industrial control, security-monitoring, etc. users can utilize perfect network communication platform to realize the equal communication between products. IP71B is easy to access to Ethernet, and can choose various communication modes such as I 2 C, SPI, and UART. The least only need two ordinary IO ports.


  • Industrial level 10base-T Ethernet interface, compatible with 100M/1000M/10G networks.
  • Built-in I 2 C slave interface can connect with the ordinary IO port of any single chip. Users have the initiative to modify I 2 C address.
  • User single chip can use ordinary IO port software to simulate I 2 C interface. I 2 C can control IP71B and connect in parallel other I 2 C standard devices. There is no need to use additional I 2 C interface.
  • The INT pin of open-drain output INT pin turns to low to remind users' single chip carrying out read I 2 C operation when users receive the valid data packet of Ethernet.
  • Built-in SPI slave interface. Can choose SPI interface when the data speed request of transmission is fast. User single chip also can use ordinary IO port to simulate SPI time sequence.
  • Built-in UART standard interface uses TXD port and RXD port, and support 300 to 115200BPS transmission speed.
  • Built-in 10-bit precision sensor can read the working temperature of IP71B through Ethernet or user mainframe.
  • Adopt 3.3V single power supply, built-in independent watchdog.
  • Using Winsocker to program is simpler than RS232 and LPT, and transmission speed is faster.
  • Internal 4KB receiving buffer and 2KB sending buffer, communication mode is more unrestricted.


   Typical application block diagram of IP71B
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