STL display network
DL62F LED display drive board

  • Model: DL62F

  • Outline dimension: 180mm × 100mm


  • On-board RJ45 interface and built-in 10M Ethernet hardware network card. Support all-functional TCP/UDP communication protocol, it is free to access to Internet.
  • Support 262144 ( 512 × 512 ) dots one-color LED display at most, namely support 16384 one-color letters (16*8) or 8192 two-color letters (16*8) at most.
  • There is no need to modify any hardware, every one-color pixel can directly support 128 levels gray display at most, and for two-color, the maximum is up to 128*128 (16384) levels gray color.
  • Can directly support all one-color and two-color LED display with 20-pin and 16-pin interface in market without any external circuit or adding adaptor.
  • Support USB OTG function, and support U disk, WIFI wireless communication with USB interface, and USB blue teeth transmission. At the same time support USB keyboard, USB mouse, and it is acceptable to use USB interface to communicate with computer directly.
  • Support infrared and wireless remote control, and can easy realize various input methods such as Pinyin, T9 strokes of a Chinese character, five-stroke, numbers, and English. In addition, input method supports memory association function.
  • On-board 315M wireless long distance transceiver, can realize 500M no-obstacle wireless communication.
  • On-board sound system, it is easy to add speech indication, calling-number and so on.


   Electrical specification
  • Working voltage: +10V - +48V.
  • Working current: 50mA +12V not including LED display.
  • Service life: more than 5 years.
  • Working temperatur e: 0 ℃ - +85 ℃ . Please inform of us when placing order if users need the products of industry level.


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