STL display network
DL61E LED display drive board

  • Model: DL61E

  • Outline dimension: 135mm × 71mm

  • Location dimension: 91mm × 48mm
  • DL61E is a simplified version of DL61K. Breaking away computer completely can drive all one-color and two-color LED display screens in the market. Support computer upper monitor control, and through various communication equipments such as Ethernet network interface, RS232, and the standard keyboard of PS2 interface, user can edit and change display contents at will. Support wireless and remote control function, operation is simple and easy.


  • Use DispTool computer terminal control tool, support GIF animated cartoon, BMP picture, TXT text, and CSV form files.
  • The maximum supports 40960 dots one-color display screen (320 16 × 8 characters) or 20480 dots two-color display screen (160 16 × 8 characters) .
  • Support Ethernet network interface (RJ45), user can use existing network equipments to realize long distance communication control.
  • Can directly use U disk to replace display information.
  • On-board PS2 keyboard interface, user can directly use standard computer keyboard as input tool, there is no need to use computer to change display contents.
  • Support infrared remote control, users can easy input various symbols and realize various input methods such as Pinyin, T9 strokes of a Chinese character, numbers, and English.
  • Brightness self-regulation can automatically adjust display brightness according to the brightness changes of surrounding environment.
  • The technology that using singlechip on the board directly decodes gif and the compression and decompression technology of picture make the speed of communication more high, and improve the reliability of communication.
  • User can modify at will the quantity of display screen connected and arrangement mode.
  • Take the lead in putting out the shortest display screen connection technology, even though many rows of display screens are connected together, still can make sure that only link between tw o adjacent screens, and don't need to increase control card or apply the lines of different specifications.
  • Single chip applies the mode that using serial interface sends internal code to carry out display, as control unit, which provides convenience for being added into the product of user.
  • support GB (GUO BIAO) and BIG5 internal code, and can select 16 × 8 font, 32 × 16 font and so on.
  • Communication function is powerful, support various communication interfaces such as Ethernet, RS232, RS485, USB device, and FM RDS.
  • Opened serial interface communication protocol, user can carry out repeated development , and realize the individuation of product.
  • Can display year, month, day, hour, minute, second, week, temperature, luminosity, humidity, and support 12-hour time system and 24-hour time system.
  • Multi-level display brightness and speed adjustment.
  • +10V to +48V width range power supply, can provide 2A/+5V stable voltage power for display screen.


   Electrical specification
  • working power supply : +5V
  • working current : 80mA (don't include LED display screen).
  • Working life : exceed five years.
  • Working temperature : 0 ℃~ +85 ℃。 if users need the product of industry level, pleae inform us when plaing order.
  • running time : Automatically run 10 to 20 days when power supply is disabled.


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