STL display network
Real 7.1 Sound Channel Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES 96/24 Decoder

  • Model: DA32VF

  • Outline dimension: 115mm × 90mm

  • Location dimension: 103mm × 80mm


  • CRYSTAL CS495313 32bit audio DSP, CS8416 low time base error 192 KHz digital receiver, CS42448A 192 KHz/24bit ADC and DAC is the chip combination of the highest performance AV reception power amplifier decoding nowadays.
  • Support various decoding such as Dolby digital EX, DOLBY PRO-LOGIC, HDCD, PRO-LOGICⅡ, DTS-ES Matrix, DTS-ES Discrete, DTS 96 KHz /24 bit , and DTS-ES 96KHz Matrix; at the same time have various sound field effect playback functions such as HALL, STADIUM, CLASSICA, PANORAMA, and THEATER.
  • support various listening modes such as STEREO, BYPASS, AC-3 7.1, DTS ES 7.1, PLIIX MUSIC, PLIIX MOVIE, and DTS : Neo6.
  • Support Dolby and DTS standard delay audio frequency effect setup and dynamic range regulation function, i.e. night mode.
  • 256 milliseconds LIP SYNC DELAY synchronous delay time function, and audio-visual sync function with large-screen TV is excellent.
  • Provide 8 groups of digital audio direct input, custom optical fiber input and coaxial input at most; provide many groups of analog input switching signal A/B/C and using switcher can switch 8 analog inputs.
  • Adopt STL215 singlechip, can upgrade program directly online and directly drive many kinds of VFD displays, in addition single CPU can realize overall functions. Also can adopt CTB mode to communicate with external singlechip programmed by user.
  • Have passed DTS and DOLBY certification and accord with the requirements of the environmental protection products completely.


   Application field
  • Digital audio decoder or analogy audio decoder.
  • AV reception power amplifier, computer multi-channel multimedia sound box, etc.
  • Another high-class sound box or audio-visual products.


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