STL display network
DTS/Dolby digital AC-3 decoder with communication

  • Model: DA32HY

  • Outline dimension: 149mm × 70mm

  • Location dimension: 140mm × 61mm


  • Apply CRYSTAL CS4926 ( CS49326 ) 24bit audio DSP, CS8415 low time base error 96KHz digital receiver, and CS4228A 96K/24bit A/D & D/A CODEC.
  • Internal analog mute function, matching CS4926 high-speed DSP processing can achieve the best mute effect automatically, and reduce noise down to minimum.
  • Built-in main current decoding system DOLBY DIGITAL, HDCD, MP3 and so on, besides, have various surround sound decoding and playback such as DOLBY PRO-LOGIC and RO-LOGIC Ⅱ .
  • Built-in analog input mute, when there is no analog signal, the muting process will automatically go on, there is no need to connect detection circuit outside.
  • There is no need for upgrade to change any hardware, totally support all digital compression code stream such as AAC and MPEG Ⅱ so as to suit different markets. Users have to apply for the use license of corresponding company before production.
  • One internal fiber input and three coaxial input, or seven digital input and a digital output. Provide many groups of analog input switching signals A/B/C, can switch as many as 8 analog input ; 6CH switches external 5.1CH input, when analog and listening mod are stereo ANA can switch analog signal without passing decoder, or output and control directly signal from M62446.


   Application Fields
  • Compose multi-format digital audio decoder.
  • Compose AV reception power amplifier.
  • Computer multi-channel multimedia sound box.
  • External sound card of computer with USB input.


   Technology parameter
  • Digital power: +5V
  • Analog input level (@-20Db): 210mV
  • Digital operating current: 500mA
  • Analog circuit working current: +12V/-12V
  • Analog input resistance: 100hm
  • Signal-to-Noise: >95dB


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  • DA32X software user manual.
  • DA32X digital full automatic detection application attention.
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