STL display network
Double HDMI Interface 8-channel Audio Decoder DI35H

  • Model:DI35H

  • Outline dimension: 150x90(mm)


  • Two HDMI audio and video inputs, support HDMI 1.4 standards, and two HDMI videos can be switched to HDMI output at will.
  • One HDMI audio and video output and video signal is only chosen in the middle of two HDMI inputs.
  • One optical and two RCA coaxial digital inputs or two optical and one coaxial inputs.
  • One internal stereo analog input, users can extend several analog inputs on your own.
  • Adopt CS4926 series audio DSP, CS8415 96KHz digital receiver, 96 KHz/24bit ADC and DAC.
  • Support Dolby digital, Dolby pro-logic, DTS, HDMI LPCM 7.1ch, and so on, with many kinds of listening modes and sound field effect playbacks.
  • 8-channel analog audio frequency output, can select different low-pass filter circuits by itself so as to realize different effects.
  • Use AGATE large-scale FPGA AS1E5F1KA as center processing unit, built-in high speed 8051 hard core, process PCM signal in real time.
  • Use FPGA hardware module as audio signal detection, automatically select PCM 2 channel and LPCM 8 channel.
  • Built-in input signal automatic recognition, it can provide control mute signal output when there is no signal, and there is no need to connect detection circuit outside.
  • STL212 MCU can upgrade directly program online. Users can get new program on Internet when necessary, which provides convenience for debugging and maintenance.
  • 12 universal I/O ports, it’s okay to complete whole machine functions without external MCU. IO ports support analog input, it is acceptable to add voltage detection, spectrum display, and so on.
  • Use I2C slave interface to connect user mainframe, and it is okay to use existing I2C interface without adding additional interface.
  • I2C communication has TNT interrupt output port, user mainframe can read corresponding data when TNT changes, which reduces the holding time of user mainframe communication.
  • Built in memory space with 60 bytes, its function is the same as 24C01, and there is no need for users to use memory chips such as 24C01, 93C46 and so on any more.
  • Provide SDK kit source code, it is easy for users to do secondary development.

 Application fields

•  Blue-ray HDMI high-definition decoding power amplifier.

•  Digital audio decoder or analog audio decoder.

• Multi-channel multimedia sound box with decoding.

• Multi-channel AV reception power amplifier.

•  Matched with PS2/PS3 game device.

• Computer host peripheral audio decoding device.

Electrical specification
+5V power supply voltage
+5V working current (@ HDMI (DTS))
Digital RX input
Analog input effective detection level
0.8 Vrms
Signal-to-noise ratio (CIR)
Level output @0dB
Analog level input
Frequency response(20Hz-20KHz)
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