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  • DL61K's software is the same as DL61E's. Support GSM mobile message communication. Built-in 433MHz, 868MHz or 915MHz wireless receiving device, can realize 20 meters or 1000 meters long distance wireless communication.
  • Cordwood LED displays are consist of ST-986, ST-987, ST-988 one-color and two-color display screens, can intelligently combine many pieces of displays.


Product name: LED display controller
Model: DL61D
Outline dimension: 100*37mm
Installation dimension: 91*28mm
Product name: LED display controller
Model: DL61C
Outline dimension: 100.3*64.3mm
Installation dimension: 90.8*54.8mm
Product name: LED display using U disk
                     replaces advertisement
Model: ST-970
Outline dimension: 304*76mm
Installation dimension: 228*60mm
Dot diameter: φ3.75 mm

Product name: wireless MP3 voice
                     calling-number device
Model: ST-979
Product name: LED seat display using
                   RS485 long distance control
Model: ST-975
Outline dimension: 191.5*85 mm
Display dimension: 191.5*63.8mm
Installation dimension: 182.2*75.5mm
Dot diameter: φ3 mm
Product name: High birghtness LED
Model: ST-986,ST-987,ST-987S
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