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Hard & Soft Technology Co., LTD (http://www.elecodetlaltenango.com) is a technology development and design company specializes in LED Display, Home Audio, Professional HI-FI Audio, Development Tools, etc. Technology solutions designed by our company are adopted for a long time by a lot of famous home and abroad companies and manufacturers, moreover, company has been developing constantly a lot of high and new audio-visual technology products, and technologies and products of our company are more horizontal than being in the lead in same home and abroad industry.

The company has developed a lot of technology solutions and products so far, while the company displays preeminent quality in the perennial marketplace ordeal , has formed the key technologies having our company characteristic: the multi-functional LED display screen that using only a U disk can change display contents without connecting computer , it is an at present maximal technology contents LED display screen; USB IP having the independent intellectual property right, it can use any FPGA hardware; the mature and stable DOS operating system that is used to read any USB devices; breaking away computer can realize various input methods such as T9 strokes of a Chinese character, phonetic transcription, English, punctuation marks; GSM short message communication platform; FM RDS wireless sending/receiving technology according with European and American standards , it is acceptable that audio and data can be transmitted at the same time; FLASH technology that can upgrade freely through network, hard disk, and USB memory products; GIF animated cartoon display technology of singlechip system, minimal bandwidth can be used to transmit animated cartoons; Dolby AC-3/DTS multi-channel digital audio decoding solution; USB OTG audio recording/playing solution 2.4 G wireless transmission technology. In addition, the company has hard disk audio-visual key technology and CF card MP3 recording/playing technology etc. Among these technologies, hard disk audio-visual key technology fills in the gaps in the fields of science and technology and has obtained the country technology patent. At present, this technology has been applied broadly in various fields such as electronic teaching, campus broadcast, public places, advertisements, video and audio player in cars.

In order to support new technologies' spread, our company started using registered ʾ (STL) brand formally in 2004, and this brand has been applied broadly by hard disk audio-visual technology. Products of the ʾ (STL) (http://www.cnstl.com) take the tremendous technology strength as support, take the high grade after-sale service as guarantee, keep a foothold in the marketplace, develop unceasingly in IT industry; in addition, in order to provide the most reliable products and solutions, and the most satisfied service for customers, the company has set up a exhibition sales department at the 2341 counter, second floor Saige plaza Huaqiang north road Shenzhen city.

We try our best to promote audio-visual products trend intellectualizing, networking, and having property right while strengthening development; and will continue persisting in being realistic, innovation, high grade service purpose, strive without cease to promote development of audio-visual technology as always!
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